Hillary Clinton arrives at FBI for classified briefing

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hillary clinton fbi briefing

This Saturday morning, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived at the FBI’s office from New York, in order to complete he first briefing on national security as Democratic nominee.

She was present at the Bureau around 9 a.m., but her campaign refused to give any additional details about who she was attending the meeting with, due to security clearances, says ABC News.

Both candidates were questioned by the FBI

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only candidate who went through a briefing, as 10 days ago, Donald Trump attended the same procedure, as the GOP’s nominee. However, unlike Clinton, the businessman was accompanied by two advisers to the briefind: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, formed DIA director. The latter’s is well know for being one of Trump’s most controversial supporters.

Considering that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discussed sensitive information during the briefings, the sessions took place in locations known as Sensitive Compartimented Information Facilities, in FBI’s office from White Plains, New York.

Before the classified briefing, many of Hillary Clinton’s critics have questioned whether it is safe for her to go through such procedure, considering the “reckless way she handled sensitive information” during her time as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have access to sensitive information, according to the GOP

Even more, some Republican lawmakers claimed that the infamous email scandal should prevent Hillary Clinton and her campaign aides from obtaining security clearances. On the other side, there is no exact proof that she sent or received classified information using the private server.

“Ensuring a smooth transition to the next president is a top priority … and that’s important, in part, because of the significant threats around the world,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters in Washington, D.C., last month, prior to both candidates’ briefings.