Hillary Clinton answers questions about the Benghazi events

Hillary Clinton hearing

Former secretary of state and presidential runner-up Hillary Clinton face a hearing regarding the death of four American citizens in Benghazi, Libya, according to The Washington Post.

Apparently, the judge committee wanted to know if she had to do something with the decision to use U.S. military power in Lybia. Rep. Peter Roskam read from a couple of email exchanged between Hillary Clinton and her staff, claiming that she was the one to insist on starting the attack that lead to Moammar Gaddafi’s defeat.

“It wasn’t I who took the decision.”

“You were able to overcome opposition within the State Department” to military action against Libya, Peter Roskam said. “You saw it, you drove it, you articulated it, and you persuaded people. Did I get that wrong?”

As for the answer given by Hillary Clinton, it was short an concise, stating that the decision of launching warplanes belonged to president Barack Obama. “Well, congressman, I was the secretary of state.” she said, basically implying that everything she did was to follow an order.

Of course, these questions couldn’t clarify the circumstances that lead to the attack in which the four citizens were killed. On the other side, the whole situation can be considered as an advantage for Republicans, as they can use it to blame Hillary Clinton of having a poor judgement in international affairs, as the same source mentions.

One of the victims, praised by Hillary Clinton

Even more, she added that J. Christopher Stevens, former U.S. Amdassador to Lybia and one of the four citizens killed in the attack chose to go to Benghazi as he knew that the U.S. had to be represented there in such a critical situation.

Finally, after the opening statement of the hearing, Hillary Clinton asked the judging committee to avoid questions that were intended to undermine her politically and stick to the purpose of the meeting.