Hillary Clinton biggest spender in White House Race

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So far so good, as far as the 2016 presidential campaign fund raising is concerned, Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton is now boasting bigger fund raising numbers than any other white house contender.

Clinton’s campaign brought in a whooping $29.45 million in the third quarter, spending about $25.8 million in the process, both totals surpasses that of any other candidate in the race for the second straight quarter.

With its $26million in spending which is by far more than of any other white house aspirant, Clinton’s camp has now spent more than Bernie Sanders has been able to raise in the stretch of the last three months.

Still working towards a $100 million fund-raising goal for 2015, Clinton’s campaign team is now just $23million shy of getting to it year end goal having raised almost $77million already.

Clinton’s campaign money has been coming largely from big donors, which is a noted difference and distinction from. Sanders’ givers. And already nearly 400,000 donors have given to the Clinton operation overall.

On Thursday the campaign’s new joint fund-raising committee with the Democratic National Committee and 33 state parties was also due to disclose its finances: it is said to brought in $3.1 million and is sitting on $1.75 million in cash on hand.

Source : Politico