Hillary Clinton criticism takes the democratic race to a new level

hillary clinton democratic debate

After yesterday’s debate, we can easily say that the Democratic primary race was taken to a whole new level, after Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and former governor Martin O’Malley expressed their negative opinion about front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s rose in popularity after an initial slump in the summer led to various attacks from her primary opponents. Also, it all culminated last night, when her commitment to the democratic causes was questioned.

Multiple issues were discussed

According to The New York Times, even though Senator Bernie Sanders never mentioned her by name, he “drew a sharp contrast with her” analyzing all aspects, from campaign finance reform to foreign affairs.

The Senator claimed that he didn’t agree to the war in Iraq or accepted the super PAC donations, while also opposing to President Obama’s decision to send special forces to Syria, a position that Hillary Clinton supports.

Finally, he also mentioned the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that was rejected by Barack Obama. Even though Hillary Clinton didn’t agree with it either, it turns out that back in 2010 she was “inclined” to support the project, when she was the President’s secretary of state.

“For me, as opposed to some other unnamed candidates, the issue of Keystone was kind of no brainer. I said to no to Keystone on Day One,” said Bernie Sanders.

O’Malley wasn’t very silent either

As for governor O’Malley, he also continued with criticizing Hillary Clinton, calling her a self-identified democratic socialist who is not a loyal member of the party.

“I think that when President Obama was running for re-election, I was glad to step up and work very hard for him while Sen. Sanders was trying to find someone to primary him,” O’Malley said. “I’m a Democrat. I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’m not an independent. I’m not a former Republican. I believe in the party of Franklin Roosevelt.”