Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump

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Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump
Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump

Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump and has taken her opportunity to capitalize on Donald Trump’s bursts of outrageous activity by highlighting his errors in front of Hispanic voters.

Speaking in Kansas City to a Latino audience on Monday night, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton decided to finally take advantage of Donald Trump ‘s blunders and go after him – taking issue with his comments against illegal Mexican immigrants.

Last week on CNN, Trump had chosen to be very vocal regarding his views on immigrants coming in from Mexico – calling them ‘rapists and criminals’. In a bid to possibly score some easy points against her Republican rivals, Clinton used her time with a Hispanic audience to hold the GOP responsible for Trumps rash and abrasive words.

Clinton had initially been much less direct and sharp - stating only that she was ‘very disappointed’ in Trump, she has now taken a much stronger stance on the matter – labeling his behavior appalling, and then stating:
“I have just one word for Mr. Trump. Basta!”

- for those wondering, Basta is the Spanish word for ‘enough’.

Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump
Hillary Clinton fires shots at Trump

Other Democratic runners took swipes at Trump too, in what proved to be the response (and the headache) that the GOP had probably been both expecting and also dreading. Clinton has been very open in the past on her desire for immigration reform, and in fact much of her campaign already includes slogans in Spanish - so although her comments now come as a very easy shot for the Democrats, she can hardly be blamed for taking advantage of the fact that Donald Trumps lack of filter has teed up every single one of his rivals.

As a celebrity and a loud character, Donald Trump draws a lot of media focus as it is – and he is currently proving to be more of an asset to the Democrat runners than anything else. Fellow Republican candidates are being asked about their views on his comments, putting them in an extremely awkward position when they would rather be discussing policy – and in contrast the Democrats have been able to draw upon a large wealth of Trump related material to emphasize their own strength and their rivals weaknesses.

In sum, the Donald Trump problem is only growing for the Republican party – and what’s more, after an initially measured response, Clinton has now seized her opportunity to start capitalizing on it.

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