Hillary Clinton Gives The GOP A Beatdown

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Hillary Clinton Gives The GOP A Beatdown

The US and the world watched the past week as the Republicans once again shot themselves in the foot and stuck it in their mouths for the umpteenth time. During the Benghazi hearings, the Republicans sabotaged every aspect of their reputations when it became clear that they’ve engaged in one of the most expansive, expensive, and vindictive attacks against a cabinet member ever.

The Republicans initiated the Benghazi investigations and not only engaged in both unethical practices, but when called out by their own ilk, by the press, by the White House, by fellow legislators, they still tried to backpedal and slink back into their holes, totally embarrassed on a level unprecedented in recent political history.

Ms. Clinton stood her ground during the hearings and actually didn’t have to say anything in her defense. The Republicans had made so many blatant mistakes that all she needed to do was sit there and let it all rise to the fore.

Rep. Gowdy tried to cover for the GOP with his opening statements and tried to say that the investigation wasn’t about targeting Clinton, but instead to get to the truth of the tragic incident where four Americans died.

It didn’t work.

Gowdy’s backpedaling just poured gasoline on the fire and when Rep. Cummings opened up, he brought the house down with irrevocable facts that showed the Republicans had no interest whatsoever in getting to the bottom of the Benghazi tragedy, but instead, to take revenge on Clinton and derail any of her attempts to run for higher office.

This was just politics at the most unhinged, reactionary, and low-brow level and now it is all over the planet. It has awakened the rank and file conservatives who are rising from their foggy loyalty to take a critical look at their leadership and realize that at its base, the GOP hierarchy is run by people who know no low in conduct and will waste valuable resources and time to engage in conduct that is detrimental to all.

Clinton took it all in stride. She knew she’d done no wrong but the GOP and its ilk has compromised the press and media. Rumor mongering and ad hominem attacks surrounded Clinton for years. Meanwhile corruption throughout government and private industry got nowhere the needed attention the taxpayers have been crying for.

Hillary kept her cool. She rode it out and showed she does indeed have what it takes to hold a top exec spot. It’s how a person handles adversity that defines their character and in this case she showed she is just as tough and resourceful as any man, if not more.

Now the GOP has to do some damage control. They’re being beaten down from every direction as the public is looking at them for the first time with a critical eye and sanity. The GOP track record the past 15 years is one of incompetence, corruption, deception, global mayhem, and death. That old guard is dying on the vine as they’ve nowhere to go, no more lies to tell.

  • LoveCoates

    Perfect summation of the Emailghazi Committee disaster. What on earth were Republicans thinking. They turned Hillary Clinton into a folk hero overnight.

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    She’s responsible for 4 dead people. It was on her watch. Per usual, this lying pig slithers out again. I’m sick of their mediocre garbage. Her and her droopy tits can go away for good.

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