Hillary Clinton Has Some Work To Do


Hillary Clinton Has Some Work To Do

A recent Qunnipiac poll, released on Wednesday, July 22, has Democratic Presidential hopefull, Hillary Clinton trailing the leading GOP candidates. Clinton, considered the front runner for the Democrats, has a lot of work to do.

Using hypothetical general election comparisons, the poll shows she’s trailing behind former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The figures show that in the states, Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia, Clinton trails all three.
Bush is 41%-36% Colorado, 42%-36% Iowa, 42%-39% Virginia. Rubio leads with 46%-38%, 44%-36%, 43%-41, and Walker, 47%-38%, 45%-37%, 43%-40, respectively.

Just a few months ago, Clinton was leading over the GOP best, but things have been changing and changing dramatically.

The upsurge of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has put a major crimp in Clinton’s style. The popularity of billionaire Donald Trump has upended the GOP’s apple cart.
Just one poll isn’t enough to make a bet on, but it’s something to be considered as more and more people feel that Clinton isn’t hitting the issues that would raise enthusiasm. She appears to be just riding the momentum of her name and that not that many Democrats are running.

Name is one thing, but that name brings controversy, especially regarding integrity and honesty. The Clintons are no more dishonest than all the other big name politicians, but Americans have been so betrayed by their elected officials the past 15 years, that honesty is finally coming to the fore as a major character plus regarding their vote.

Her #1 opponent, Bernie Sanders is hitting home runs with Americans on both sides of the fence. He’s vocal about issues that have gone neglected for so long, that Americans have come to realize that their leadership has been in cahoots with the big banksters and other criminals who have stolen, lied, and gotten away with it. Thanks much to the independent press, using the internet to inform the public, stories about the inside workings of government have risen to the top, exposing mainstream media as ineffective and nothing more than pawns in the game of global finance.

People don’t trust the mainstream press anymore, and Clinton, who it appears is the darling of the mainstream press, is looking guilty by association.

Clinton has got to put on the drama but at precise increments at the right times. The 2016 election is a long way off and getting too dramatic now will only fuse out by the time the big fighting takes place. Clinton is no fool, however, and has no shortage of professional advisers, no one should underestimate her PR staff either. She may have some skeletons in the closet or dancing on the front yard, but being a lawyer she knows how to sidestep direct attacks.

It all depends on what happens to the country and world by the time of the primaries. The country itself is embroiled in so many hot button topics that should she respond inappropriately, over emotionally, hostile, or disingenuous, the press, the GOP, and the public will pounce on her.

Hillary Clinton isn’t about to be left on the back burner, so when it’s time, she’ll turn up the heat.