Hillary Clinton: I will combat terrorism with muslims

clinton speaking on terrorism

Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton offered a prebuttal to Republicans,that the American people “cannot give into fear” in the aftermath of attacks in Paris and California, laying out a multi-pronged strategy to protect the homeland and prevent domestic terrorist attacks and any other form of terrorism. 

Clinton assailed her Republican rivals shortly before the party’s latest presidential debate, telling an audience at the University of Minnesota that another ground war similar to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan would play into the hands of the Islamic State group and fail to keep the U.S. safe. The US news said that Senator Clinton was quoted as saying :”Shallow slogans don’t add up to a strategy.” “Promising to carpet bomb until the desert glows doesn’t make you sound strong, it makes you sound like you are in over your head,” she added, referencing recent comments by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “Bluster and bigotry are not credentials for becoming commander in chief.”

Home grown defence strategy

According to the CNN, Sen. Clinton, in a speech that was part policy, part politics, contrasted herself directly with Republicans running for president, stating that Muslim-Americans are the “first, last and best defense against homegrown radicalization and terrorism.” “I am confident once again we will choose resolve over fear,” Clinton said in remarks at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis. “And we will defeat these new enemies just as we have defeated those who have threatened us in the past, because it is not enough to contain ISIS — we must defeat ISIS.”

360 degree counter terror tactics

“This is a 360-degree strategy to keep America safe,” Clinton said. She also reiterated her support for new restrictions on guns, saying it was “time to restore the ban on assault weapons,” a law first passed by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, which expired during the Bush administration. She also emphasized a need for vigilance, stressing that the country needs to be prepared for more terror plots. Clinton had earlier condemned plans and calls by Republicans to ban Muslims from entering the United states.