Hillary Clinton leads in key states, according to polls

hillary clinton leading in key states

With less than a week until the Election Day, there’s no doubt that the race for a spot in the Oval Office is tightening, but Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any reason to panic, even though some states in which she was expected to obtain great results are currently preferring Donald Trump.

Clinton, still the favorite

According to Salon, Clinton is credit with 68.9 percent chances of winning the election, which is an impressive number. However, last week, before FBI director James Comey sent his letter to the Congress, she was credited with 82 percent chances.

Surprisingly or not, one of the states which might have a huge impact on the results is Florida. Even though it’s not considered a must-win for Hillary Clinton, things are a bit different for Donald Trump. If the Republican fails to win the Sunshine State, he might as well say goodbye to the White House.

Republicans aren’t voting their candidate!

Currently, new early-vote numbers for Florida point out that the former Secretary of State might get a boos from a surprising source: Republican voters. It seems that almost 30 percent of the Republicans who have already expressed their option in Florida picked Hillary Clinton, according to a poll released on Tuesday. The same source claims that 28 percent of Republicans voted for hear, helping Hillary Clinton to lead Donald Trump 55 percent to 37 percent.