Hillary Clinton showed her weak side at the Democratic debate

hillary clinton democratic debate

The Democratic debate on Saturday night pointed out a more defensive tone from Hillary Clinton regarding foreign policy, surprising everybody. Therefore, Bernie Sanders walked up a winner, but Clinton is still in “pole position” to be the Democratic nominee.

One of the debate’s topics was the attacks from Paris

The Democratic debate rounded up on Paris attacks, so it was expected for Hillary Clinton to approach an offensive speech and consolidate her status as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, says The Washington Post, but her tone was too defensive, giving Sanders and even O’Malley a chance to strike back.

The debate lasted two hours and in the first 30 minutes the former Secretary of State was on the defensive about everything from the Obama administration being caught off guard by the rise of the Islamic State to her 13-year-old vote for the Iraq war, according to the same source.

“Regime changes have unintended consequences. On this issue, I’m a little more conservative than the secretary”, said Bernie Sanders. Last time this three meet, in Las Vegas, neither Sanders nor O’Malley were capable to unstand Clinton regarding U.S’ foreign policy, especially the Syrian problem. But on Saturday they both got a chance they weren’t hoping for.

The threat represented by ISIS must be stopped

“We have to look at ISIS as the leading threat of an international terror network. It cannot be contained; it must be defeated”, said Hillary Clinton, distancing herself from President Obama who stated about ISIS “I don’t think they’re gaining strength … and we have contained them”.

Even though Hillary Clinton had a defensive approach, it wasn’t enough, as her main rival, Bernie Sanders, didn’t seem like White House material; although when it came to domestic issues, the debate became more animated, with Sanders and O’Malley criticizing Clinton’s proposals.