Hillary Clinton mocked after Hispanic-targeted article

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hillary clinton not my abuela

There’s no doubt that the Hispanic community will play a very important role in the results of next year’s race for the White House. Considering this, the fact that a lot of candidates, both Republican and Democrat, are trying to win them over doesn’t come as a surprise. Still, Hillary Clinton might have gone a bit to far in her attempt to attract some votes.

And that’s how you create a social media trend

This Monday, her campaign team recently uploaded an article to her website entitled “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela.” According to Law Street Media, the post was emphasizing her new role as grandmother, also focusing on the importance of el respeto. 

Still, Hispanic voters weren’t that impress. On the contrary, they immediately accused the Democratic candidate of “hispandering” or pandering to Hispanics. Like expected, the reactions started coming on social media, as the #NotMyAbuela hashtag quickly became trending, thanks to the users who were mocking, with humor, the article.

Also, there were Hispanic citizens who had a more serious approach, criticizing Hillary Clinton‘s white privilege and foreign policy.

But what about Bernie Sanders?

It seems that this whole situation made some people start wondering if there is such thing as a double standard from voters. The idea started since Bernie Sanders’ supporters began calling him Tio Bernie or Uncle Bernie. Apparently, it’s OK for him to be a “tio” (Spanish for “uncle”), but not for Hillary.

Finally, it’s obvious that this was a bit too much from Hillary Clinton‘s staff and it might have lead to alienating some supporters. Nevertheless, she will most likely be the Democratic nominee for the White House, but in the future, way more attention should be paid when trying to obtain support from a specific group, as this kind of mistakes could harm her campaign.