Hillary Clinton Opened Door to Key U.S. Shift Toward Iran Nuclear Deal


In her last months as United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened doors to help shift the U.S. policy towards Iran. It was an acceptance that Tehran would at least maintain some capacity of nuclear fuel.

Clinton’s policy aide Jake Sullivan met with Iranian diplomats and made a progress in ensuring that the nuclear problem is ended completely. There were high level meetings that concluded that Iran would enrich uranium at little levels if there were any hopes of the diplomacy succeeding.

Sullivan who now serves as the campaign adviser of Clinton said, “She recognized the difficulty of reaching a solution with zero enrichment.” Clinton left office in early 2013 even though there were many international talks. It is on the same year that Obama made a shift in the policy towards Iran. The president agreed publicly that would continue enriching uranium.

Clinton is set to deliver a major address that voices her support for President Obama on the foreign policy initiative. The Iran deal has gained support from the Democrats and is set to take effect. She will also seek o assuage the skeptics that include many Jews in America and law makers.

There will be a major shift in Iran’s influence when the deal takes effect especially with the threat to face numerous sanctions if they don’t comply with some of the conditions set by the agreement.

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