Hillary Clinton: Personal E-mail isn’t the “best choice.”

Hillary Clinton: Personal E-mail isn’t the “best choice.”
Hillary Clinton: Personal E-mail isn’t the “best choice.”

Hillary Clinton revealed on Sunday that using her personal e-mail during her tenure as the secretary of state was not the best option but was already working with a greatteam to produce all the records involved.

Speaking to news reporters, Hillary Clinton who is aspiring to win the Democrats presidential nomination said, “I’ve to be transparent, most people have questions, I will try my best to have them answered.”

Clinton also revealed that she was going to testify before the Congress on allegations that most of her State Department e-mail had already been deleted.

2014-06-11t155415z1813105711gm1ea6b1uc101rtrmadp3usa-politics-clintonSpeaking during her first Sunday interview in four years, Hillary Clinton called on Obama administration to accept more Syrian refugees, come up with possible sanctions on Russia. She also revealed that she had plans for expanding the president’s health care law.

Hillary Clinton, the former firt lady and senaor of New York also criticized the Republican Donald Trump, talked about her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and refused to give her opinion on whether Obamas’Vice President Biden should enter into the race.

She, however, apologized for using her personal email during her years at the State Department. She said it would have been appropriate for her to have a government account.

“I am sorry for making a choice that has raised all these questions,” Said Clinton.