Hillary Clinton proved in debate that she’s presidential material

hillary clinton at democratic debate

Hillary Clinton showed her doubters in Tuesday’s debate that her missteps from the past are unlikely to happen again as she now seems in control of the situation. Also, a late candidature of Vice President Joseph Biden with the support of the Democratic party is less probable in this current conditions.

Hillary is in control

With no obvious constituency ready to support Mr. Biden, his chances were based on Hillary Clinton‘s weaknesses, but at the Democratic debate she proved that she has the situation under control. Party members were also convinced that questions about her emails have little impact on citizens and are more a Republican and news media fixation.

“If Biden’s only rationale is that Hillary Clinton is tanking, then that’s no longer an option,”
said Stephanie Cutter, a longtime Democratic strategist, according to NY Times. Hillary Clinton proved herself very aggressive, unlike her rivals.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Democrat, decided not to confront Clinton about her emails saying that “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails”.

Link doesn’t think that Biden is a solution

Regarding Biden’s candidacy, Jeff Link, an Democratic strategist based in Iowa said that he sees no point in this happening now. “If the Biden candidacy is predicated on Clinton’s
weakened position, I think last night makes that a tougher argument”. What happens in Vegas doens’t always stay in Vegas as a whole country saw Hillary Clinton’s strong showing.

“I’m feeling really lucky in Las Vegas,” she said, pointing to what she called “a good night” and the union’s support, according to NY Times. “I thought every one of those folks last night — I’m mildly prejudiced — I thought they all did well,” said Biden to the reporters on Wednsday, quoted by the same source.

In this new light, Bidan’s candidature doesn’t seem necessary, as Hillary Clinton proved to be Democratic Party’s best option for the White House.

  • LoveCoates

    She slayed it. Her critics on the fringe far left and fringe far right are having trouble admitting it — resorting to methodologically and statistically useless online polls to argue that Bernie won. Bernie was good, but Hillary owned the room. And 15 million people saw it.

    Her post-debate numbers should skyrocket — silencing her doubters. The Rethuglican Emailghazi smear campaign has backfired spectacularly, which now three different Republicans admitting this is an egregious abuse of tax payer dollars on a fake political witch hunt. What House Republicans are doing is illegal. Conservatives cannot be trusted with America’s future.

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