Hillary Clinton receives much needed endorsement

Jim Clyburn to support Hillary Clinton

Jim Clyburn, South Carolina’s first black congressman since Reconstruction in 1993, and a top Democrate, announced on Friday that he will be backing Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination race. With some history between them two, this comes as a surprising decision, says The Washington Post.

The congressman had a role in 2008’s elections as well

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton lost the White House spot to Barack Obama and her husband Bill accused Jim Clyburn on phone of playing the race card, therefore helping Obama. “He exploded… and accused me of causing her defeat and injecting race into the contest”, Clyburn recalled in his biography, “Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black.”, according to the same source.

Now, Clyburn is 100% alongside Hillary Clinton. He also said that he holds no grudge to Bill Clinton, understanding the fact that he was only trying to defend his wife. “I hold no ill will at all about Bill Clinton being active on behalf as his wife. That’s how it should be”.

It’s the first time when Clyburn endorses a candidate, after in 2004  the Democratic National Committee asked him to stay neutral, so the races would be competitive for all involved, confirms The Washington Post.

Clyburn thinks Hillary is way better

What determined him to change his mind? Firstly, he thinks that his endorsement won’t stop Bernie Sanders from campaigning in South Carolina, so his vote won’t be that influential.Secondly, he believes that Hillary Clinton is better equipped to deal with foreign policy as well as education, reforming the criminal justice system and restoring the Voting Rights Act, confirms the same source.

Still, more than half of the expected votes in South Carolina’s Feb. 27 primary will be black, so, whatever Clyburn says, his help towards Hillary Clinton is big. And after the New Hampshire disappointment, the former Secretary of State really needed this.