Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump’s proposal on Muslim entry ban mirrors that of other GOP candidates


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has responded to Donald Trump’s call for “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims from gaining entry into the United States. In an online post released on Tuesday, Clinton denounced the proposal. She accused Trump of playing right into the ploy of the terrorist and described the comment as a tad insensitive, dangerous and shameful.

According to the written statement, Clinton said, “At a time when America should be doing everything we can to fight radical jihadists, Mr. Trump is supplying them with new propaganda.”

At a campaign event later in the night, Clinton slammed Trump once and again and this time around, she involved all other Republican candidates. She made sure to clear the air that the whole pool of Republican candidates are not much different, a move that has been described as a very Democratic strategy to showcase the clear difference that exists between both parties.

You’ll recall that most of the GOP candidates have distanced themselves from Trump’s Muslim ban comments. They even came out to condemn him openly for making such comments.

Clinton is however having none of it and she will not be so easily fooled. She argued that all the GOP presidential hopefuls from Ben Carson to Jeb Bush, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as well as Governor Chris Christie are not exactly tolerant of Muslim people just like Trump. She said they have all made equally inflammatory and extreme comments about Muslims.

At the campaign event which held at a school in Salem, New Hampshire, Clinton said about Trump: “Some of his Republican candidates are saying that his latest comments have gone too far, but the truth is, many of them have also said extreme things about Muslims. Their language may be more veiled than Trump’s, but their ideas are not so different.”

She once again called out the Republican lots for driving the exact agenda of the terrorists which according to her is to give the impression “that we are at war not with barbarous, violent, murderers but with an entire religion. This is a grave mistake,”