Hillary Clinton targets Donald Trump in her victory discourse!

hillary clinton south carolina primary

Hillary Clinton managed to score an impressive win this weekend, in the South Carolina Democratic primary, but there’s no doubt that she is looking forward to a similar result in this next week’s Super Tuesday as well.

“Tomorrow, this campaign goes national,” she said to her supporters from South Carolina, signaling a new phase of the nominating contest, says CNN Politics.

Shots fired at Donald Trump

What’s interesting is that over the past days, Hillary Clinton mentioned her main competitor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, less and less in her discourse, but targeted Republican front-runner Donald Trump instead.

This can be a surprising decision, considering that Mrs. Clinton’s advisers strongly believe that Donald Trump won’t actually be the Republican nominee. On the other side, a Clinton-Trump duel for the White House could be the start of a new battleground.

“Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again,” Hillary Clinton said Saturday night, referring to Trump’s campaign slogan. “America has never stopped being great.”

Still, the final shot was given when she made a reference at the Republican front-runner’s plans of building a wall at the Mexico border, in order to stop illegal immigrants.

A different approach on illegal immigrants

“We do need to make America whole again, instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers,” Hillary Clinton said.

Currently, the former First Lady’s campaign is evaluating how they could compete against a Republican for the ‘final battle’ and how each candidate can be approached. Hillary Clinton currently believes that Florida Senator Marco Rubio could be the biggest threat.

As for next week’s Super Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is absolutely convinced that they will score another win, but they’re hoping for a victory with a bigger difference – at least 100 delegates. If she manages to achieve this, nothing will stop her from winning the nomination.