Hillary Clinton, to be questioned by the FBI in the email scandal

hillary clinton email scandal

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is far from being able to breathe easily. After her main rival in the race for the White House, Bernie Sanders, got closer and closer to her in poll results, she has another issue to deal with: the email scandal.

The FBI has been investigating the case for a few months now, but the Democratic front-runner hasn’t been questioned about this issue yet, not even once. This details was revealed by Hillary Clinton herself, in an interview given during CNN’s “State of the Union”, says The New York Post.

Mrs. Clinton seemed bothered when asked about this topic

“In terms of the status of the FBI investigation into your private email server, have you been interviewed by the FBI yet?” Jake Tapper asked Clinton.

“No,” she said, shaking her head.

The moderator waited for Hillary Clinton to elaborate and eventually give more details about the email scandal, but ended up thanking her for coming on the show.

The first time when the email server started being discussed was in August, but in the meantime, she has already turned over her private email server, alongside the back-up drive, so the federal agents can check the security of the classified information.

Republicans used this in order to launch attacks

Like expected, Republicans have used the email scandal in attempts to disqualify Hillary Clinton’s campaign, despite her claiming that no classified information was compromised.

Ever since the investigation started, more than 1300 emails were retroactively upgraded by the State Department, in order to release to the public over 55,000 pages from her personal email.

Finally, the most recent report related to the Clinton email scandal reveals that she instructed an aide to remove the heading from a document and send it, non-securely, to her private server if he had any issues with sending it via secure fax.