Hillary Clinton to focus more on gun control in campaign

hillary clinton on gun control laws

Back in November, Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, urging a change in gun laws, seemed a bit unusual for a Democratic candidate who’s been considered overly cautious, according to The New York Times. Her ad was shown in rotation on her television reservations from Iowa and New Hampshire, looking forward to convincing citizens that a gun regulation program is much needed.

A new approach for campaign ads

According to a report from Campaign Media Analysis Group, the ad was broadcast on local television six times: four times in separate Iowa media markets and two times in two New Hampshire markets, Boston and Manchester.

Still, the most interesting part is that the ad regarding gun laws comes in contrast with other 15 ads from Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, which have run from 103 to 1659 times.

This summer, the Democratic candidate made gun control a very important part of her speech, calling for law changes in two debates. Also, her point of view comes in contrast with Bernie Sanders‘, the other main competitor in the Democratic race for the White House. There’s no secret that the Vermont senator, a state well known for being keen on hunting, has had to defend his voting record on guns for weeks.

Hillary Clinton should focus on other aspects as well

Moving on, The New York Times claims that her focus on gun control is not risk-free for Hillary Clinton, even though she is currently leading in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Even though she was praised for making new gun laws a centerpiece of her campaign, insisting with this message and even broadcasting it can be a bit too much.

According to her official aides, 20 ads were shown in Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, but, most likely, the number will increase after she will be designated as the Democratic candidate for the White House.

  • tom2

    She desperately needs a distraction for her own train wrecks in addition to the king’s. Because gun control is a hot button, she’s focused on it and hopes to flimflam sufficient numbers of uninspired democrats into voting for her again. Many believe she’ll never finish her campaign. She’ll remain arrogant and smug but she’s committed too many crimes to be eligible.