Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders – The Conclusions

democratic debate january 2016

Even though last night’s Democratic Debate had three participants, it was basically a clash between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley being just a simple spectator at the ‘battle’ between the two favorites.

Mrs. Clinton, a big Obama supporter

As The Washington Post says, what Hillary Clinton tried to transmit during the whole debate was that she is a big supporter of President Barack Obama’s policies, and, if she will be elected, most of them will be continued.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that she forgot about attacking her candidate, criticizing his health care plan and actions towards the gun control law.

The same source states that Chuck Todd, host of “Meet the Press” noted a specific aspect, during a commercial brake, taken in the middle of the debate.

“Bernie Sanders very much being the sort of revolutionary candidate, major change, and you’ve heard a lot of Hillary Clinton saying things like she wants to build on the things that President Obama did, wrapping herself in President Obama,” he said.

Is Bernie Sanders preparing a revolution?

From this point of view, he is absolutely right, since the Vermont Senator used the word ”revolution” pretty often and this wasn’t the first time. Hillary Clinton spotted this and accused him of wanting to “tear up” the Affordable Care Act and “start over again”. To be more specific, she was trying to say that Mr. Sanders wants to make President Obama’s accomplishments forgotten, opposing him on a personal level.

Finally, when Bernie Sanders mentioned her connections with Wall Street, Hillary Clinton claimed that this is another attack to Barack Obama, calling the Senator “weak” and “disappointing”.

South Carolina, where the debate took place, is one of the places where Barack Obama is very popular, so the fact the she expressed her desire to continue the President’s policies might give Hillary Clinton a big boost from this state.