Hillary Clinton’s Email Boo Boos


Hillary Clinton’s Email Boo Boos

There’s been no other story focusing on a political candidate and their emails as much as that of former Secretary of State , and First Lady, Hillary Clinton.

It was brought to the fore that Clinton may have had classified data in her private emails which she of course denied, and further investigation has proven that she didn’t have any emails on her personal account that said ‘classified’, but some of the content of those emails were indeed classified as secret, retroactively.

Every molecule of Clinton’s emails have been scrutinized and her opponents and critics are focusing on anything associated with the Benghazi attack. Now that she’s the front runner in the Democratic 2016 election, she has to battle two controversies, Benghazi and her husband’s sexual improprieties.

The American people have shown that they don’t trust Clinton because of those two factors. As she progresses up the ranks to the nomination, her opponents will milk these issues to the last drop. So far her defense has been weak, former staff and colleagues have joined the ranks of critics tailing Clinton’s every step.

These issues Clinton is going to have to confront before the election and put them to rest once and for all, especially if she ends up going against Donald Trump. Trump, with his trademark vitriolic manner, will definitely use these issues to tear Clinton down. It’s a battle the public and politics is waiting for and might derail Clinton’s chances. Americans are far too tired of dishonest politicians, and anything that emerges about any candidates regarding dishonesty is sure to be brought up and exploited.

Clinton has some work to do. It will be very interesting to see how she resolves this mess. If she doesn’t, she’s going to have to bow out and settle for what life has in store for her.

On the other hand, she may have some cards still up her sleeve no one knows about. She represents the returning of the Clinton Administration that launched the country in its biggest surplus in history. People remember those days when jobs were plentiful, acquiring money via loans was easier, and equity was being established all over. That surplus got eaten up by the Bush Administration that engaged in two wars they still haven’t paid for.

Clinton is going to have to focus on recovery and getting that affluence back into the public realm. She’s not going to go head to head with big business, but she’s going to change things in favor of the people instead of the corporations. Should two or more conservatives leave the Supreme Court that has been supportive of big business, Obama is sure to appoint extreme liberals to the post. If that happens, Clinton would be able to get laws passed that would upend the entire nation. The next president will have that opportunity as several justices are hanging on by a thread as it is.

So we’ll have to sit and wait and find out how she’ll rebound.