Hillary Clinton’s Probe Not Politically Motivated-Mukasey

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Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey has lashed out at critics of the Justice Department’s probe of Hillary Clinton. Mukasey said those referring to the probe as an investigation into the private email network when she was secretary of state “ridiculous,” per the Fox News.

“The FBI doesn’t investigate machines,” the former attorney general during the regime of President George Bush told “Fox News Sunday.” “It investigates people,” Mukasey said.

“It is not a political witch hunt,” he added.

Questions have been dangling over the former First Lady’s private email network used while in office as secretary of states, even as she intensify her 2016 Democratic presidential campaign. There seems to be no letting go as her opponents continue to call for probe of those emails.

In the last couple of weeks, the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence community have both called on the Justice Department to open an investigation into whether Clinton’s network received or sent classified emails.

DEM 2016 Clinton

However, Senator Clinton has continued to maintain her innocence despite mounting criticism and calls for probe. She has repeatedly said that she neither sent nor received classified emails during the period in question.

“What’s going on here is something that happens all the time,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon. “You have a bureaucratic tangle over what counts as classified and what doesn’t.”

Despite few arguments suggesting that it was just a simple situation of ignorance and indifference, her opponents are waiting in the wings to take her to the cleaners as the 2016 election draws nearer.

From the look of things, it doesn’t look like her opponents have much case to build up against her; Mukasey’s argument could have a major impact, especially as the race for the Democratic primaries and the 2016 election draws even nearer.