Hillary wanted Bill Gates and Tim Cook as VPs

tim cook and bill gates hillary clinton vps

Several names have been speculated before Hillary Clinton announced that Tim Kaine is her final VP choice, but what the media had no idea about, until today, was that the Democratic candidate’s initial list contained several important names, including tech billionaires and not only.

Was this email leak the result of Russian hackers?

According to Mashable, citing an email that was released this Tuesday as part of the WikiLieaks documents, apparently acquired by Russian hackers, former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, alongside his wife, Melinda Gates, were considered for VP. Also, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was also on Hillary’s list with potential running mates.

The list included more important names, like Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, GM CEO Mary Barra and Xerox CEO Ursula Burns. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren (one of the favorites), Deval Patrick, Corey Booker and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg were also considered.

It seems that this list was sent to Hillary Clinton by John Podesta, her campaign manager, back in March, after Hillary Clinton won for major primaries, considered very important, after Bernie Sanders’ surprise win in Michigan.

Every aspect of choosing a VP was considered by the campaign

“Ok, I can breathe again! Congrats on a fabulous night,” John Podesta wrote in the email. “I am feeling like it’s possible to get back to the longer term again.”

The email also mentioned finding lawyers who could vet candidates, a process that would exclude any surprises when deciding upon a running mate. Mr. Podesta mentions that the list he sent Hillary Clinton was the work of several people from her staff, including Huma Abedin.