Hosting King Salman, Obama Says Us Shares Saudi Desire For Functioning Government In Yemen


This week President Obama hosted the Saudi’s new monarch for the first time. He said that the United States shares a common factor with Saudi Arabia; the desire for an functioning, inclusive government in Yemen to relieve the Arab country from the humanitarian crisis.

Obama Strategy

The United States has been in support of Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen. They have been against the Iran-aided Shiite rebels. However the White House is more concerned about the ever rising death toll of the Yemenis which is now in their thousands. The concerned parties have generally not yielded a life saving support.

During a press briefing after the meeting Obama said, “We share concerns about Yemen and the need to restore a function government that is inclusive and that can relieve the humanitarian situation there.” He added that there is a huge challenge for the world affairs especially in the Middle East.

On Friday alone there were 22 members of the UAE military that were killed when fighting Houthis rebels. Since the founding of the country in 1971 22 is the highest number of casualties.

The Saudi King also asked President Obama to not only focus on fighting the Islamic State bit also help topple President Bashar Assad’s government.  This comes four years after the United States had demanded an ouster of President Assad. The Saudi’s king also needed a reassurance that the Iran nuclear would combat the efforts of Iran destabilizing the region.