Texas asks the Supreme Court for more time on the administration’s immigration appeal

obama immigration appeal

Texas requested the Supreme Court to delay the answer to the Obama administration’s immigration appeal. More spare time to take the decision will probably mean that the plan to shield millions of immigrants from deportation fails, says ABC News.

A decision should be taken by 2017

A possible delay will translate into the end of Barack Obama’s plan to shelter million of people that are trying to make a future in the U.S. The administration’s plan would miss the court’s informal deadline for a decision by the end of June, if the state’s request will be accepted. This means that the issue would not be heard by the justices until the fall or decided before spring 2017, as the immigration appeal is now on a timeline.

“The case presents issues of national importance and the department believes it should be considered expeditiously.”, said Justice Department spokesman Patrick Rodenbush. With timing being essential in the immigration appeal, it sounds right for the Obama’s administration to be against Texas’s request.

President Barack Obama needs to act quick

According to the same source, if the court doesn’t pass Texas’ demand, agrees to hear the case and decides it by June, and if it gives a positive answer to the administration, that would leave roughly seven months in Obama’s presidency to implement his plans.

After the immigration plan was revealed, 26 states, including Texas, sued in federal court to challenge Obama’s administration project to integrate immigrants. The states have won every round in court so far, including a Nov. 5 ruling from the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to ABC News. The Justice Department’s decision was not to ask the high court to block those earlier rulings and allow the plan to take effect after a final court resolution is taken in the case.