In New Hampshire, Bush calls Trump ‘too pessimistic,’ Says He Would Lead To Defeat For GOP


Jeb Bush, a top contender in the presidential race with the Republican Party, has said that his rival Donald Trump is too pessimistic. During his campaign in New Hampshire on Thursday Bush added that the Republicans will lose if they made a billionaire their candidate in the 2016 elections.

He also noted that Donald Trump has mainly tapped into the anger of many voters and especially the Republicans. “We’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive, and there is one candidate in the Republican Party who is preying on people’s angst and fears,” said Bush adding that he is frustrated.


There has been an intensifying fight between the two on who will lead the Republican Party and the direction that the rivalry has taken is rather personal. Trump had ridiculed Bush to be dull, beholden and has low energy Bush seemed to have turned on him this week.

Jeb Bush has just sharpened his rhetoric against Donald Trump. A campaign statement released online showed statements that Bush had made to endorse single payer health care system, higher taxes and abortion rights among a myriad of issues. “What you’ll find is this guy is not a conservative,” Bush said later in Laconia. He had also added earlier that Trump was trying to insult his way into the presidency.