The Independence Day – 4th July-Traditions

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    4th of July is undoubtedly America’s most celebrated non-religious holiday. It originated from the 4th of July, 1776 Independence Declaration signing in the city of Philadelphia, with a lot of cities and states gradually adopting the tradition of commemorating this important event. As the civil war ended in 1783, many states declared 4th of July an official holiday, and organise annual outdoor celebrations of the Independence Day.

    How it is celebrated

    Traditionally, Americans engage in a variety of activities on this day: picnics, various pageants and competitions at different scales, baseball games and other outdoor activities – the list is not limited. Some cities and states have their own traditional way of celebrating 4th of July: Arizona, for example, holds an American Indian Rodeo, and Pennsylvania hosts a candle festival. Many holiday activities can be undertaken: from spending time at home to travelling around the country, playing table games or golden tiger casino, or visiting museums and historical sites. Some common treats that are traditional for this day are corn on the cob, hotdogs, hamburgers and apple pie.

    Fireworks are perhaps the most joyful and important part of the traditional celebration. In 1777, one year after the signing of the Declaration, many people gathered to commemorate the date in the city of Boston. Cannons and guns were fired, and an outside celebration took place. From then on, Boston holds one of the biggest celebrations of the 4th of July on a national scale. The same could be said about Philadelphia, which is the city where the original Declaration was signed by John Hancock and other 56 men. An important part of the holiday is to have a group celebration that is to gather outside with family, friends and neighbours, or members of the community.

    Decorations are used to add to the patriotic feel to the day. The American Flag is the hero of the day, as the national colours – blue, white and red – symbolize America’s independence and freedom. During the first celebrations, ships and cannons were decorated with tricolour stripes and flags. Today, tricolour objects, from flags and stripes to napkins, doughnuts and pens, can be found at virtually any spot where you can see people celebrating.


    More than a holiday

    Today’s America enjoys many liberties thanks to its political freedom. It is a privilege to enjoy a law-governed state and to have access to education, the best job and entertainment opportunities, like German online casino or other entertainment websites.

    4th of July definitely a happy occasion to spend time with family and friends. However, for most Americans, the Independence Day celebration is a chance to remember their nation’s struggle for freedom and to appreciate the free and liberal society they are now living in. For the fathers of the Declaration of Independence, signing it was nothing but an act of courage.

    The liberties and rights, declared in it and guaranteed nowadays in most civilized countries, were unheard of back in the day. So Americans stop to remember what an important step it was in establishing the rights and liberties that make America what it is today: a free country with endless possibilities for each of its citizens.