Indiana Governor Mike Pence could be Trump’s VP choice

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has reached a point in which the need for a VP nominee seems to be the main objective. Previously, there have rumors about multiple Senators and Governors being on the businessman’s shortlist, but it seems that we’re closer than ever to finding out his choice: Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

He’s the most viable variant for Trump

According to Fox 59, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has already withdrawn from the race, while Joni Ernst also removed herself from the list, claiming that she wants to focus on Iowa and the Senate.

Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie were also two of Trump’s options and they’re still on the list, but there’s one big reason why Mike Pence is the best option. When it comes to broadening the GOP’s appeal into new territories, where Democrats have a bigger influence, Mr. Pence can’t do much, but when it comes to getting voters from evangelical Christians, the Indiana Governor could be the best solution for Trump!

Pence as VP could attract Christians’ votes!

It’s well known that evangelicals are a sensible subject for the real estate tycoon and they have been reluctant to support him. However, with Mike Pence in his team, a candidate who regularly touts his Christian faith, using the Bible as an argument when supporting his disapproval for the gay community, for example, Trump would have a big advantage.

Even more, Pence is known for signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a highly criticized act that basically legalizes discrimination against LGBT individuals, according to several critics.

Mike Pence has until Friday, July 15, to decide if he wants to remain on Donald Trump’s VP shortlist. If he decides to do this, he will have to retire from the governor race, as he can’t run for this function, as well as vice president.