DonaldDonald Trump has had a chance to address over a thousand Iowa Christian conservatives at a fundraising dinner that was held in Des Moines.He went ahead and said that he was lucky since he had brought his Bible with him.
He tried to defend himself against the recent Muslim dissension that has been the trending news since last week. Donald Trump said that one of his supporters said, “Muslims have a noteworthy problem in this country “and that the latest president of America, Barrack Obama is not an American. Donald Trump, a New York business person, had failed to correct one of his followers. The eventuality happened when he was in New Hampshire for a rally.
He spoke to the audience while he was having dinner that was organized by Iowa conservatives. Donald Trump said, “This is the first time I have caused such an incident in my rally by deciding to stay silent.”
During his campaign rally, he wanted his audience to validate him by receiving applause. Later, Donald said, “This is the most important aspect of this room. Christians…I happen to be a Presbyterian, do you trust me? Support is what everyone needs in this country and around the globe. The most imperative aspect of my administration will be preserving and making sure that religious liberty is shielded.