Is Donald Trump Crazy?

Is Donald Trump Crazy?
Is Donald Trump Crazy?

Is Donald Trump Crazy?

For the past week or so, presidential contender Donald Trump has inflamed the headlines as well as millions of people regarding his tirades about illegal immigrant crime.

What did Donald Trump say about illegal immigrants?

Trump, unlike any of the other contenders brought up the issue of illegal immigrant crime, not in a friendly manner, but in an ad hominem attack that appeared to be racist towards Latino peoples. He accused Mexico of purposely sending their criminals over our border to commit crimes and other heinous acts.

The Donald pointed out to statistics that did indeed show a long lasting, decades long series of the most despicable crimes committed by illegals, and that the federal government has been negligent or incompetent to action on.

Is Donald Trump right?

In essence, he is. The facts are clearly laid out. The illegal immigrant problem has never been addressed properly by the federal government, who’s mandate it is to handle immigration problems. The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are honest, law abiding people just trying to survive as their own countries are corrupt and underdeveloped. The U.S., must also take some responsibility in this as their corporations and politicians have interfered with other countries allowing for American criminals to take advantage of both worlds.

Donald Trump is only thumping the pulpit about an issue that has been neglected, overlooked, avoided, by every president since Ronald Reagan. Now, with the bodies of dead Americans piling up left and right, prison systems overcrowded with gangs from Mexico and South America, fighting the problem is going to be gargantuan to say the least.

What is Donald Trump’s solution for the illegal immigrant crime problem?

That’s still unclear. As of now, Trump is riding a stellar rise in the polls. He’s still on the “Illegal immigrants are dangerous!” sermon. He’s got so much momentum that he’s still not defining his solutions other than his suggestion of charging $100k to Mexico for each illegal immigrant. That’s absurd, but he knows he can milk this issue until the cows come home and go back out into the pastures again.

Of note, the recent killing of a California woman by a multiple offender, multiple deported illegal immigrant criminal has grabbed headlines, and in true form, the Obama Administration totally ignored the issue.

Even some of his top cabinet posts didn’t know about the story when asked. It’s obvious Obama’s plans to handle the illegal problem have failed just like every other administrations and due only to the fear of losing votes among the growing Latino and Spanish communities.

Is Donald Trump Crazy?
Is Donald Trump Crazy?

Can Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election based on this issue of illegal alien criminals?

That is unknown, however, the sheer support he’s getting from every area of the population, the Latino communities as well, shows that he’s a far more serious candidate to contend with. Add to that the recent escape of the Mexican drug warlord “El Chapo” from Mexico’s maximum security prison, whom, it might add, then threatened Trump for his tirades, and you have a recipe for a platform that is based on the justified fears of the majority of the American population.

Conclusion Is Donald Trump Crazy?

Trump’s riding on the high wave right now. He was shrewd and cunning and knew just where to strike. Pick an issue that has gone neglected by government, yet is a real danger to the population, and yell from the mountaintop about it. Fear is a great platform and as the economy continues to suffer, the animosity towards foreign interests has skyrocketed. Trump might not win on this issue alone, but he’ll sure make an impact like never before.

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