Is Donald Trump Right About Taxing The Rich?


Tax politics is very sensitive in the United States. Republican Presidential aspirant Donald Trump is making good points about taxes. Some of his tax moves are to eliminate estate tax or death tax, reducing cooperate tax and raising taxes of the wealthy. Even though Mr. Trump has the details on how he intends to execute his tax plan the details in the surface are lurking.


The American tax system is generally flawed. The GOP 2016 elections politics has seen a heated debate about taxes and immigration among other issues. Other Republican presidential candidates have also embraced the same tax structure proposed by The Donald. The past years have seen the President, the Congress, committees and lobbyists all faulted about taxes. Mr. Trump also intends to shut down loopholes that have seen the country lose billions of dollars worth of taxes.

Trump will have a long way to go for his policy. His tone on taxes is plausible and what he might have to do is set the principles clear and definite especially during his campaign. Both Democrat presidential candidates as well as Republicans have both faulted Trump on many issues except for his opinions on taxes. Consequentially other serious politicians have also been stirred into the tax debate and they have all spoken about reforms.