ISIS destroys Palmyra columns and kills three people in process

isis palmyra columns

Without remorse, members of the ISIS group tied three people to the pillars in the ancient section of Palmyra and killed them by detonating the columns, says CNN, based on a report made by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Antique ruins, of unestimable value, were also destroyed

Wanting to prove its dominance, ISIS is coming up with more and more barbarian methods of execution. And they don’t stop there, destroying everything in their path. This time, in Palmyra, three people were tied and executed after ISIS detonated the pillars in the ancient section of the city.

The names of the men killed are still unknown, as well as the reasons why they were brutally slaughtered. According to CNN, ISIS took control of Palmyra site and the surrounding area from Syrian government forces on May 20, leaving behind in these five months only despair and demolished antiques. Palmyra, northeast of Damascus, is known as the “bride of the desert” for its magnificent collection of structures along a historical trade route that once linked Persia, India and China with the Roman Empire.

Another proof of the organization’s brutality

ISIS’ brutality is sometimes unimaginable. In another recent execution, the rebels ran over a Syrian soldier with a tank “because he ran over dead bodies of the Islamic State soldiers by tank.” As for the city’s architectural riches, the same source tells us that, in August, ISIS destroyed two temples of immense cultural significance, the Temple of Bel and the Temple of Baalshamin. All of these is part of ISIS’ plan to trash down all important ancient sites.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, has imposed a harsh Islamic Sharia law in both countries, in the zones they’ve taken control off, in an attempt to create a new state.