Israel, The Proving Ground For The Iran Nuclear Deal


Israel, The Proving Ground For The Iran Nuclear Deal

The suspense and drama are ramping up in regard to the Iran nuclear development deal the Obama Administration has initiated.

The deal must pass Congress in September and the two opposing sides are the Israeli government and the Republicans in Congress. Neither want a deal with Iran and for good reasons from their viewpoint. Israel doesn’t want the deal because they don’t trust Iran, and the Republicans don’t want the deal because of two reasons, it’s an Obama deal and it means no war with Iran. The military/industrial complex has been itching for more war and using every underhanded means available to get one started with Iran.

Israel has publicly stated that they won’t accept the deal, so lawmakers from both sides are scheduled to meet en masse in Israel this month. First will be dozens of Democratic lawmakers who will meet with Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu and several other dignitaries. They’ll work on getting Israel to change its mind, but it looks like it would be futile. Next the Republicans will show up and it’s a good bet they’ll shake hands and get total support from Netanyahu on the matter. The Republicans need a two thirds vote to squash the deal, and President Obama stated, no vowed, to veto any congressional resolution that opposes the agreement.

Sec. Of State, John Kerry met the Council on Foreign Relations on August 31, and stated that if Congress rejects the deal, the world will blame Israel for it.

The 40 or so lawmakers scheduled for the two trips and meetings will meet to support or reject the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, (JCPOA) that was cemented by the US and five world powers on July 14 in Vienna, Austria. The Congress has until the 17th of September to make the final review and vote on the plan. If approved, Iran will then be recognized as a nuclear power by the United Nations. This means Iran will be allowed to continue its uranium enrichment program.

These trips to Israel by the lawmakers takes place every two years. They’re sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation, a non profit educational affiliation of the Israeli lobby, and the AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The Democrats will arrive August 3, and the Republicans on August 8.

The world will have to wait until September to see if this deal goes through. It’s a pins and needles type of situation as if the plan is rejected, war with Iran is inevitable. If the deal is approved, Israel will most likely ignore it and escalate matters with an attack on Iran. That attack will signal a worldwide response to Israel that will be devastating to say the least.

We can only hope and pray that common sense and peace arises from this situation.