James Mattis wants to work with allies!

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This week, president-elect Donald Trump announced that General James Mattis is his choice for the defense secretary position. According to sources close to him, this would automatically mean a more assertive American posture in the Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as more Navy patrols in the Persian Gulf, as well as an increased number of fighter jets in the Middle East, says the New York Times.

An military figure preferring offensive actions

“The closest thing we have to Gen. George Patton,” Donald Trump said about Mettis, when announcing his decision on Thursday night. To be more specific, the Republican, was hinting at Gen. Patton’s preference for aggressive offensive actions, a characteristics James Mattis also shares.

However, the new defense secretary also has some different opinions, compared to Trump’s. For example, when it comes to tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement, one of the President-elect’s campaign promises, he believes that this would have a negative impact on the United States. On the other side, he’s looking forward to working with allies, in order to enforce the deal.

Working with allies is the best way to go

“I don’t think that we can take advantage of some new president, Republican or Democrat, and say we’re not going to live up to our word on this agreement,” General Mattis, was saying a few months ago. “I believe we would be alone if we did, and unilateral economic sanctions from us would not have anywhere near the impact of an allied approach to this.”

By working with allies, James MAttis basically wants to strengthen ties with their spy agencies, as well as continue the efforts to stop Iran from using mines to alter the flow of oil and other global traffic.