Jeb Bush, in war with a former president

Jeb Bush

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday night, Jeb Bush attacked Bill Clinton, saying that by not theating Osama bin Laden as a national security problem, the former president did not approach correctly the terrorism issue.

According to CNN, all this talks happen after an interview of Clinton talking in 2002 about claims from Sudan’s government that it offered up bin Laden to the United States in 1996 was aired.

Another mistake of the Clinton administration

“I think the Clinton administration made a mistake of thinking bin Laden had to be viewed from a law enforcement perspective. Similarly, President Obama’s policies seemed to be focused on that as well.”, Jeb Bush reacted.

Jeb Bush suggested that U.S. should have taken charge early on and described terrorism as “a war against Western civilization, and without the United States’ leadership, this will be a problem for generations to come. And I think we need to be much more forceful, both here to protect the homeland as well as overseas.”

A 9/11 Commission investigation in 2004 found no evidence of such offer. According to, there were several reports indicating that the Clinton administration did consider indicting Bin Laden, but it had no reference to a Sudanese part.

Clinton had an answer back in 2006

“At least I tried. That’s the difference in me and some, including all the right-wingers who are attacking me now. They ridiculed me for trying. They had eight months to try. They did not try. I tried. So I tried and failed. When I failed, I left a comprehensive anti-terror strategy and the best guy in the country, Dick Clarke, who got demoted.”, said Clinton in a 2006 Fox News interview, trying to dodge the accusations.

This wasn’t the first time Jeb Bush makes this type of statement in the past several days. After Donald Trump accused Geoge W. Bush of letting 9/11 happen under his watch, Bush intervened to defend his older brother.

  • Luther Brixton

    So, the president in office on September 11, 2001, who did absolutely nothing before, during, or after 3000 Americans were murdered to get the perpetrator was displaying a perfectly appropriate response?

    The president in office on September 11, 2001, who boasted 5 months later that he “didn’t think about” Osama bin Laden and maintained his stated hands-off policy for 2 terms was OK?

    The president who was given an urgent PDB warning on August 6, 2001, that “Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside US” and responded by staying on vacation and doing NOTHING to protect the nation makes sense?

    The president who stayed seated for 7 minutes after being told “America is under attack” didn’t display one of the most jaw-dropping acts of weakness and ineptitude ever by a United States president?

    The president who said nothing for 2 terms as Osama bin Laden routinely sent out videos taunting the US for being too weak and impotent to get him showed “strength and resolve”?

    Imagine what Jeb! and the GOP would be saying if all those acts of cowardice, weakness, and complete lack of leadership were committed by a Democratic president? It would be used as THE PRIMARY REASON to never vote Democratic.

    It was solely because it was a Republican president that the MSM never ONCE called 9.11 a “Presidential Scandal” that should have been used to impeach Bush immediately!

  • Richard D

    Jeb! is playing a stupid game. All he is doing is drawing more and more attention to his idiot imbecile brother. He should be running away from these kinds of encounters rather than trying to one-up Trump, who is telling the truth by the way.

    Not sure how Jeb! thinks he is helping himself by trying to blame 9/11 on everyone else in the world except his stupid brother, who was President at the time it happened. He sure as hell ain’t gonna win any arguments with Bill Clinton, or Trump for that matter.

    Jeb! needs to take his millions and go home. This country has had ENOUGH OF THE BUSHES thanks very much.

    • AB Vinson

      The media is falling down on the job again, most of W’s foreign policy guys are JEB’s foreign policy guys and nobody is talking about that!!!! JEB Bush would finish the Job W started destroying the United States from inside.

      • Richard D

        You know the big problem, Hillary’s advisers are also a bunch of warmongering neocons. Our only hope to keep out of endless wars is Sanders or Trump, and of the two, I think Sanders is the only one with a brain. But the media will never allow Sanders to be elected, so the choice will probably be Hillary or The Donald. Between those two, I would vote for Trump. As much of a goofball as he is, at least he is not bought and paid for by the defense industry like Hillary.

  • theshapeofthings

    Perhaps the establishment that installed W as president can get Jeb through the primary process.

  • OhIt’s2MuchFun

    Bush “kept us safe” by invading Iraq, causing the death, dismemberment, wounding of thousands of Americans (and hundreds of thousands of Arabs), produced millions of refugees, raised the power of Iran, planted the seeds of ISIS, wasted trillions of dollars, and caused a financial meltdown…..

    SURE John Ellis Bush (*) that’s keeping us “safe”….

    Keep telling that to yourself…. you are among the few who actually believe it.

  • theshapeofthings

    Picking a fight with Clinton, as a conservatve, is a win. The subject does not matter with all the visceral hatred.

  • AB Vinson

    Time for the media to call JEB out on this dangerous BS he is spouting. Bush was asleep at the wheel when 9-11 happened, his administrations thought process was that anything Clinton told him was a bunch of Hog wash and the real problem was China, Russia and Saddam…. He didn’t listen to the warning signs and we got attacked by Bin Laden the same guy Clinton told him would be his biggest worry. After that Bush launches a war based on false pretense (weapons of mass destruction) even linking Iraq to the 9-11 attacks. We spend TRILLIONS of dollars loose thousands of good citizens fighting that quagmire and nation build Iraq only to see Iran’s influence grow in the region because we just took out their main rival. Mean time the economy goes belly up because Republicans don’t like tax and spend but they love Borrow and spending and Bush has put huge holes in the budget cutting taxes that didn’t need cutting and spending money on wars with no plan on how to get revenues to match spending…. Bush almost took the country down the tubes and the Gov’t had to bail out the banks so our 401K’s and stuff didn’t go bye bye. The media sits there and let’s Bush spout of a load of crap about his brother kept us safe without challenging him on that WTF…. Trump is 100% right to go after JEB on this because this calls into question JEB’s judgement when he defends this crap.

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