A radical change in Jeb Bush’s attitude is expected

Jeb Bush

If until now Jeb Bush promoted a ‘nice guy’ image, things are about to change seriously, as the White House candidate is expected to become more combative with his rivals, fired up in speeches and definitely candid with reporters, according to CNN.

The change of attitude has already started

Its change began last week in New Hampshire and we’re expecting to see its peak during this Tuesday night’s debate in Wisconsin. Jeb Bush is expected to become a candidate who can compete with more powerful personalities, like the controversial Donald Trump, and Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, leaving the self-described introvert behind.

Jeb Bush is described by his supporters as a tough and determined campaigner, whose tone has changed drastically, reflecting a growing urgency hanging over the rest of the candidates, as the voting is getting closer and closer.

Over the past months, Mr. Bush introduced himself as the most qualified candidate, but it was also obvious that he wasn’t the type to made attacks. Even more, he never spoke of his competitors in a negative tone, hence the ‘nice-guy’ he has made for himself.

Former competitors admire his attitude

As CNN also mentions, Buddy MacKay, the Democrat who lost the governor’s race to Jeb Bush in 1998, described him as a honorable man who doesn’t like going negative.

“I find myself, strangely, a little sympathetic with him. I think it’s kind of a compliment that he’s not comfortable trying to outdo some of the other people in the wild comments,” MacKay said in an interview.

Of course, the moments when Bush seemed to close to losing his temper were also present, but he preferred to drop any issues. We can remember the CNN debate from September, when Donald Trump made comments about Jeb Bush‘s wife, or the discussion about Marco Rubio’s poor attendance record in the Senate.