Jeb Bush Campaign Loses Three Top Fundraisers


Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign has suffered a setback after three fundraising consultants left the campaign. According to multiple sources Trey McCarley, Kris Money and Debbie Alexander voluntarily left the campaign on Friday the 28th of August. The major cause of their exit was reported to be immense personality conflicts and their uncertainty on Jeb Bush’s campaign strength.

Bush’s campaign sources have since attempted to minimize the impact of the fundraising consultants. On Saturday they said the fundraisers are still involved in a myriad of projects that are outside the campaign. Tim Miller who is Bush’s spokesman said that Jeb Bush has the deepest and widest fundraising operation compared to any other candidate in the field. He also confirmed that their campaign fundraising will be lead by Ann Herberger, a long term political aide, in Miami.

For many Bush was the presumptive frontrunner in the 2016 GOP. He has a fundraising advantage over the other candidates in the party’s huge field. His candidacy has significant connections with Republicans in Washington.

The first quarter of the year saw the super-PAC Right to Rise raise $114 million amidst talked-about expectations that Bush’s fundraising could raise that much. On the polls his candidacy has been on a decline ever since Donald Trump entered the race in June. Trump has been personal with Bush who appears to be taking non-confrontational approach by not responding to attacks. He has since referred to himself as a “joyful tortoise.”