Jeb Bush confesses who his favorite superhero is

jeb bush las vegas event

Even though lately they’re overwhelmed by their busy schedules, with debates and TV appearances, some of the presidential candidates still have time for talking about something else. Jeb Bush, for example, wanted to let us know who his favorite superhero is.

According to CBS News, the Republican presidential candidate revealed this last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was speaking at an event sponsored by the LIBRE Initiative in Northern Las Vegas. Initially, Mr. Bush didn’t revealed many details, except mentioning that he was talking about a certain caped crusader.

Mr. Bush is a big Super Girl fan, calling her ‘hot’

“I’m kind of old school. I like the old school guys like Batman,” Jeb Bush told a mostly Hispanic audience of 250 people, as stated by the same source. Of course, everybody was curious to find out more details.

“I saw that Super Girl is on TV, I saw it when I was working out this morning, there was an ad promoting Super Girl. She looked pretty hot. I don’t know what channel it’s on, but I’m looking forward to that. That’ll make news,” he added.

Like expected, the Internet reacted and social networks like Twitter were invaded with reactions to the statement made by Jeb Bush.

Serious issues were also covered during the Las Vegas event

Still, during the event, we also talked about more serious topics, like the prospect of a government shutdown. “I don’t think we should shut down the government. That creates more cost to government, actually. I don’t think we should default on the debt,” he stated.

Finally, Jeb Bush did his best to appeal the audience, talking about his Mexican-American wife or covering aspects like the immigration reform. Even more, he answered questions in both Spanish and English, a fact which definitely pleased the Hispanic listeners.