Jeb Bush offers educational policy of ‘civil rights’

Jeb Bush rolls out educational policy

Republican hopeful and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush on Monday outlined an education reform plan that would take much decision-making away from the federal government and give it to state and local school authorities. Bush, who focused on education during his two terms as Florida governor and later as head of an education foundation, presented what was the latest in a series of detailed policy plans on major issues. According to ABC news Bush  said: “As the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy today, I firmly believe that ensuring every individual has access to a quality education is the great civil rights challenge of our time.”

Jeb Bush pays homage to MLK in his policy

In an apparent homage to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bush released his education policy, calling it “the civil rights issue of our time.” The former Florida governor plans to reform the financing system by modifying current college savings accounts and allowing families and individuals, beginning with early education, to save tax-free for education. He would also streamline the money being spent on students, by allowing states to give funds directly to parents. A longtime advocate of voucher programs and school choice, Bush would also support charter school expansion and school choice.

Bush moves to keep up with other GOP candidates

Ahead of the elections, national polls show that Bush is trailing far behind the Republican presidential front-runners, and has drawn fire from conservative voters for his position on Common Core, an initiative designed to ensure basic education standards in basic subjects such as English and mathematics. The former Florida governor has distanced himself from Common Core, but believes every school district should have home-grown education standards to ensure children make progress. Bush is working to improve his popularity and support going into the elections.