Republicans and Democrats will fight again over Jewish voters

netanyahu obama

President Barack Obama met on Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the “chemistry” between them two didn’t seem right, strengthening the impression that Republicans could contest their rivals “claimed” Jewish voters.

Jewish voters have always been a mark for political parties, especially in South Florida, where 500 000 Jewish residents have their homes. For generations,they have been a reliable voting bloc for Democrats, awarding big vote totals to the party’s candidates for president, Congress, and state and local offices, says Sun Sentinel.

Florida plays an essential role

Florida gives 29 electoral votes, more than 10 percent of the total needed to win the presidency, according to the same source, meaning that every vote counts. That’s why, in recent years, Republicans have tried to “steal” Jewish voters from the Democrats. In 2012, the party claimed that Obama, Democrats’ candidate, wasn’t as supportive of Israel as Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

They used various methods, from surrogate campaigners or mailings to TV ads and billboards, to convince Jewish people of this aspect. As we’ve seen, their plan didn’t work, despite tons of money were channeled in this “project”.

Democrats couldn’t keep the silence after hearing this

Ted Deutch, a Democrat who represents Northwest Broward and Southwest Palm Beach counties, said that “despite Republicans spending massive amounts of money to spin this false narrative about Democrats and the Jewish community, given the ultimate results, it’s clear that it was money that was wasted.”. Obama won support of 68 percent of Jewish voters in Florida, so Deutch’s words are quite accurate, even though in 2008 the Democrats’ nominee won 78 percent of Jeewish voters.

“We will be well prepared to counter those messages,” stated Andrew Weinstein, a Coral Springs lawyer and major fundraiser for national Democrats, quoted by Sun Sentinel, convinced that in 2016 the Republicans will try again the same trick.