John Brennan urges higher surveillance measures

john brennan cia director

The CIA director, John Brennan, spoke in Washington on Monday about the Paris attacks and what can America do to avoid such counters from ISIS. The official said that the best way to keep all U.S citizens safe is to increase surveillance measures, reveals The Bulletin.

John Brennan used a surprising raw language, denouncing what he called “hand-wringing” over intrusive government spying and said leaks about intelligence programs have made it harder to fight against  the “murderous sociopaths” of ISIS, confirms the same source.

The Paris attacks could change the way digital surveillance is done

The CIA director referred to Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance of phone and Internet communications, that lead to many lawsuits and new restrictions on electronic spying in the United States and in Europe, alongside judgement calls from U.S citizens.

But the Paris attacks could change the course of history, at least regarding digital surveillance. In contrast with John Brennan believes, civil libertarians are certain that the government is only looking to enhance its power.

“As far as I know, there’s no evidence the French lacked some kind of surveillance authority that would have made a difference. When we’ve invested new powers in the government in response to events like the Paris attacks, they have often been abused.”, said Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, quoted by The Bulletin.

Are Muslims the real danger?

From Republican Peter King’s perspective, the danger comes from the Muslim communities. “We have to have surveillance in the Muslim communities. That’s where the threat is coming from.”, stated King. But isn’t wrong to target all Muslims?

Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, gave the answer. “I think all Americans want to be kept safe from violence of any kind. But we know that blanket surveillance of people based on religion and race doesn’t work.”, said Khera

  • HeisKingofKings

    Regardless, there will be more surveillance, more stripping of rights and freedoms. And this message coming from a Director that has claimed to be a devout Muslim. Yes that’s right. The Director is a converted Muslim. Now you know why they are doing everything possible to destroy the Christian faith. The goal is to pit the Atheists against the Christians. Once both groups become disillusioned and loose hope, they will turn to the church of Satan. That is the end game. Don’t believe it? Look up the history of Albert Pike, Then follow the trail and it leads to the hidden (occult) motive of the wizard behind the curtain. The word “occult” has a meaning in the word “secret”,