John Kasich calls GOP debates “the dumbest thing going”

john kasich and stephen colbert

Currently, it’s more than obvious that the race for the GOP nomination will be between businessman Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, so the rest of the candidates still in the race – well, maybe except Marco Rubio – could follow John Kasich‘s example and relax a bit.

The Ohio Governor appeared last night on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” and, between talks about justice and the presidential race, made some very interesting statements about the Grand Old Party, a member of whom he is.

Not the biggest fan, are we?

According to Dayton Daily News, John Kasich was very radical when asked about the current presidential debates, calling them “the dumbest thing going.”

“It’s sort of like tell your entire life story in 30 seconds,” he said. “It’s sound bites. And, you know, how are you going to elect a president on the basis of a clever sound bite, particularly if the sound bite is designed to attack somebody else?”

Still, John Kasich isn’t against all kinds of debates, as he wanted to mention. “Harry Truman couldn’t get elected this way. The thing I love are the town halls.”

Getting ready for this night’s meet

Of course, the second part of the declaration doesn’t come as a surprise, as today, Mr. Kasich will take part at the first nationally televised town hall, hosted by CNN. The Governor will be joined by Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, all three of them having 30 minutes to answer questions from the host and audience. Last night, Bern Carson, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also took part at a town hall.

John Kasich doesn’t have any plans of altering his campaign theme, even though his advisers consider that his message for South Carolina has to be different from the one promoted in New Hampshire. “My message hasn’t changed one iota – bringing people together.”