John Kasich doesn’t think Donald Trump is ready to lead the U.S.

john kasich on donald trump

Until now, John Kasich has kept a low profile when it came to criticizing his rivals, but the race for the White House nomination is getting tighter and, despite his almost 0 chances, he did wanted to express his opinion about Donald Trump.

Kasich criticized Trump’s latest statements

According to The New York Times, the Ohio Governor thinks the Republican front-runner is “not prepared to be president”, alongside critics to various issues presented by Trump’s campaign until now, including the businessman’s latest statement on women who receive abortions.

“Are you kidding me?” John Kasich asked. “How close is his thumb to the trigger? This is not the way you lead the United States, nor the way in which you lead the world.”

This statement was very surprising, considering the moderate tone the Governor used us with. Still, he did criticize Trump in a subtle manner, saying he had “created a toxic environment” and ridiculing his level of foreign policy knowledge, but generally speaking, he was moderate in attacking him.

He won’t quit anytime soon

Even more, John Kasich considers Trump’s recent comments as a reason he should continue his campaign, even though his current number of delegates is way too low, compared to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

“This is why I stay in the race,” he said. “Look, people say, ‘Why does he stay in the race?’ What am I supposed to get out and leave it to these guys?”

Ted Cruz wasn’t left aside either, as John Kasich also criticized his ideas, including patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S., in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in Brussels.

It will be very interesting to see how Mr. Kasich’s campaign will continue after these statements and, most important, for how long, considering that the moment when the Republican nominee for the White House will be announced is getting closer and closer.