John Kasich Sits At Second Place In New NBC News/Marist New Hampshire Poll



Donald Trump is the top GOP frontrunner in both New Hampshire and Iowa. However, Governor John Kasich of Ohio continues to see a return according to the recent poll results. Kasich garnered 12 percent of GOP voters to come behind Trump who continues the lead with 28 percent.

Just close to Kasich is Ben Carson at 11 percent. Carson is a retired neurosurgeon. Shockingly Florida Governor Jeb Bush who was viewed as the most likely Republican Party presidential nominee was at 8 percent. The only female candidate in the GOP race is Carly Fiorina and she comes in at 6 percent.

Iowa holds the first caucus. Trump bagged the state at 29 percent and was closely followed by Ben Carson who settled at 22 percent. In the state of Iowa no other presidential candidate in the GOP race got more than 6 percent. Kasich hasn’t campaigned so much in Iowa but had 2 percent. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had 5 percent.

Technically the race has changed since the first debate was held in Cleveland. There has been a rise in anti-established candidates like Trump, Fiorina and Carson. These polls have shown that Republicans in New Hampshire with a margin of 4.8 points while the potential caucus goers in Iowa had a margin error of 5 points.