John Kasich to suspend presidential campaign!

john kasich to suspend campaign

Even though Ted Cruz announced that he will suspend his presidential campaign, Donald Trump is not the only Republican left in the race for the nomination, as Ohio Governor John Kasich is still running. Still, he won’t do it for long.

Nothing official about this until now

According to CNN Politics, citing two sources familiar with the plan, he will be dropping out soon, as his current delegate count is way to low in order to influence the final result.

This isn’t the first time when John Kasich is considering suspending his presidential bid, as he had to deal with a lot of pressure even before winning his home state, Ohio, back in March. Also, a lot of people were wondering why is he still campaigning, since it was clear that this was a two-man race, between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

What’s interesting is that John Kasich has fundraisers scheduled for this Wednesday, in the Washington area, and he was on the Columbus airport when he, apparently, changed his mind about the future of his campaign.

CNN Politics claims that the Ohio Governor called the plane taxi back from the runway, then confessed his intentions to four of his closest friends, saying “My heart is not in this”. The source cited by CNN says that Kasich’s friends said that if he doesn’t feel like doing this anymore, he might as well stop the campaign.

Kasich stayed away from scandals and attacks

During his presidential run, John Kasich tried to avoid direct attacks and maintain a positive tone. Recently, he announced a partnership with Ted Cruz, just before the Indiana primary, in order to do everything they could to stop Donald Trump from winning more delegates. Unfortunately, this was in vain.

Of course, his retirement doesn’t mean that he will support Trump now. On the contrary!

“Sen. Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it’s up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton,” Ben Hansen, Kasich’s campaign manager, said in an email to supporters on Tuesday night.