John Kasich teams up with Ted Cruz!

ted- cruz teams with john kasich

Not once we wondered why Ohio Governor John Kasich is still running for the Republican nomination, considering that this was basically a two-man battle, between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The GOP doesn’t trust Donald Trump

After all the rumors about the GOP ‘plotting’ to stop Trump from winning the nomination, we weren’t that surprised when the big announcement was made: Kasich and Cruz are teaming up, in their attempt to stop Hillary Clinton. And this would make sense, as John Kasich‘s voters will eventually support Ted Cruz, helping the Texas Senator increase his chances at winning the nomination and face the former Secretary of State in November.

Like expected, Donald Trump reacted, mentioning once again that the Republican party is trying to stop him, at all costs, from winning the nomination, calling their alliance an example of “corruption” in politics.

“Did you see the news today, where they band together? Where they collude? It’s collusion,” Donald Trump said at a rally in Warwick, Rhode Island. “If you collude in business … they put you in jail. But in politics … you’re allowed to collude,” he added, according to CNN Politics.

The front-runner is still optimistic about his chances of being the nominee

What’s surprising is that the front-runner’s reaction was very different from what he used us with, considering the alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz as a proof of them not being able to keep up.

“Actually I was happy, because it shows how weak they are, it shows how pathetic they are,” Trump said, calling them by some nicknames he gave them, “Lyin’ Ted” and “1 for 41 Kasich.”

As for the two candidates, both of them presented similar arguments sustaining this decision, calling it an effort to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination, as they, alongside important GOP members, fear the he would lose in a confrontation with Hillary Clinton.