John Kasich was Donald Trump’s first choice for VP

donald trump and john kasich

Donald Trump’s choice for the number 2 position on the ticket was Mike Pence, but despite all the declarations in which he praised the Indiana Governor, he wasn’t exactly the person who the businessman wanted to join his team.

The Trump family tried to attract Kasich to their side with tempting offers

According to NY Daily, Donald Trump and his advisers, including his children, who seem to be implied in politics as well, wanted Ohio Governor John Kasich as Vice President. Even more, they have sent him a private offer, which, apparently, was denied.

Everything started back in May, when Donald Trump Jr. reached out to one of John Kasich’s former staff members, asking him to persuade the governor on joining the Republican ticket.

However, it is well known that during his presidential campaign, Kasich was one of Trump’s biggest critics, so the businessman knew it wouldn’t be easy to attract him. Trump Jr. was also aware of this and tried to convince the Ohio Governor that his dad would give him the chance to have more domestic and foreign policy responsibility than any other VP had throughout history.

A VP in charge of foreign policy. Yes, Trump definitely needed this!

Indeed, the offer was tempting, so the Kasich staffer who was contacted wanted to know what Donald Trump would be doing, if his potential vice president was handled so much tasks.

“Make America Great Again”, Trump Jr. said, according to a report.

Needless to say, John Kasich ignored the offer, leaving Donald Trump to choose from a list with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, deciding upon the latter.

As for Kasich, he even refused to speak or attend the this week’s Republican National Convention, in his home state’s most important city.