John Kerry & Russia Teamed Up Against ISIS


John Kerry & Russia Teamed Up Against ISIS

Following the apparent success of the nuclear arms deal in Iran, it has come to the fore that Secretary of State, John Kerry, is expecting to team up with Russia regarding the terrorist group ISIS.

This news could well spell the imminent doom of ISIS as they would be surrounded by two superpowers, with China looking over the fence. If China steps in to follow Russia’s lead, ISIS wouldn’t be able to mail a postcard without some commando or drone busting a cap in ISIS’ butt.

It was due to happen. ISIS has been terrorizing Syria and Iraq and committing every possible heinous act known to mankind and failing miserably at justifying their gangster actions via Islamic dogma. No one in the world believes ISIS is a real devout Muslim group, but are a group of international criminals taking advantage of an already devastated Middle East.

Now it’s reported that Kerry expects to have a sit down with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Qatar soon and put their heads together regarding the ISIS issue.

President Obama has already publicly stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was instrumental in helping with the Iran nuclear deal. That shows a level of cooperation that spells out something that should lead to far more participation between the two powers regarding terrorism. ISIS is a menace to everyone, and the Middle East has been unstable for so long, war and death has become a cottage industry for the military industrial complex that has done everything except proactive stances to prevent and remedy he underlying problems that have led to the violence in the region.

This upcoming alliance may well spend the beginning of the end of turmoil in the Middle East but it won’t be easy nor without great loss. What Israel is going to do is undetermined, but if during this period of planning they should launch a preemptive strike, the entire house of cards could come tumbling down.

An Israeli strike would be devastating, even if they did find Iran building atomic weapons with big signs painted on them saying “Atomic Weapon”. The other Muslim countries that possess nuclear arsenals would then be at the ready to strike against Israel and all hell would break loose.

The world knows that Israel has a hair trigger regarding Iran, but that would make everyone on the planet an enemy of Israel. They should just sit back and see what happens with Sec. Kerry and the Russian Government.

They’ll have to get past the rhetoric of the orthodox clerics in Iran, who couldn’t wait to spit out ad hominem commentary regarding how much they hate the West and everybody else. The Ayatollahs and the Israeli Parliament should all be just quarantined until things cool down or things will get too hot to handle.