Just Another Hillary Clinton Excuse


Just Another Hillary Clinton Excuse

If it isn’t bad enough that Hillary Clinton and her team have been sidestepping the issue of the classified emails found by authorities, news comes in that the server, from Platte River Networks that oversaw the server, had been wiped clean before being submitted to the FBI for revue.

It all seems very shaky that if the Clinton team hadn’t any concerns regarding the server, then why wipe it clean before sending it to the authorities knowing full well the authorities needed to look for any data that might have been classified and possibly compromised.

This is just another fumble on the Hillary Clinton camp. She stated publicly that she didn’t know if the data on her server had been wiped clean or not, that she herself didn’t wipe the server, nor knew how to do it. That’s no excuse. The evidence is mounting that the Clinton camp is just downright dishonest and evasive. This is all about two things, whether national security has been compromised, and finding anything about Hillary Clinton her critics and opponents can exploit. Clinton is running far behind the Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders, from Vermont. The server email debacle is like a stone around Clinton’s neck that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. To have had the server wiped shows that someone didn’t want that data seen but didn’t realize that the data can still be recovered. Once that data is recovered the authorities will fully see what went on and if there is any classified data of note to pursue.

This kind of sidestepping is characteristic of not only Hillary Clinton but her husband former President Bill Clinton. They’re both lawyers and whenever they’re in a jam they do the lawyer-thing. Evasive, double speak, hiding, and every legal tool they can use instead of just being upfront and honest. This is how politicians survive and why the overwhelming majority of government is run by lawyers. They lie professionally and it is accepted and expected of them to do so.

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, this only exacerbates her dilemma, the pall of dishonesty is so thick surrounding her that it has become a major turnoff for the public who are just tired of career criminal activity in high office.

Clinton is no computer expert and it’s more likely she was caught unaware regarding the entire situation. There was little or no oversight to prevent all this and any warnings were obviously ignored or defied. One thing leading to another cascading into the mess she faces today.

It’s more than likely this will derail Clinton’s chances of the presidency, not because she used government resources irresponsibly, but because her response toward accountability has been weak and characteristic of all that’s wrong in a politician.