Kim Davis Situation Highlights White House Hypocrisy


Religious liberty is under assault in the United States. Kim Davis refused to honor her out when taking office isn’t noble at any angle. Davis has since resigned her position and this shows a stance on principle. Resigning makes more emphasis on the religious issues that are facing people; both gay and straight.

Kim Davis

The ruling made a few months ago by the Supreme Court on same sex marriages might have been flawed. There is also arguments from the constitution that backs same sex marriage. The intensity of how close the decision is was evident in the Supreme Court itself with a 5-4 vote.

However, response from the left has been a little out of hand. Davis is now painted as a religious bigot and public officials are praised to uphold the rule of law. Basically the Bible continually inspires Christians from all over the world in their millions to live honest and good lives.

When the matter is looked at deeply neither Davis nor religion is an issue. The reality is that there is a wide pretence all over the country and there is a widespread hate for gays. There is also pretence about upholding the rule of law by the Obama administration. The White House itself has circumvented the constitution at least 70 times since the year 2008.